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แน ท ดาว โป้

We look at the width and breadth of MICE industry, starting right from top where it forms a part of Travel Industry till the end of the chain where it delivers services to its end or customers which are corporate and associations. And in between this value chain where value addition is done through the services, technology, venues & destinations. We also look beyond the value chain into the values it generates for any country or economy.

Travel & Tourism related industries we cover

Know the tourism industry, definition, meaning, segments and more.

Know what is hospitality industry - its definition, sectors, segments & importance

MICE Industry

Fully understand what is MICE and this industry covers and means as tourism, travel.

What we give you

On Tourism and Business Travel (MICE) markets

Associations across industries and countries.

Events across industries and countries.

Travel and Tourism Blogs

Tourism is interesting, to do and to know too. You think you know what tourism means but when we take you through this blog, you might feel you knew little. We give some new and interesting insights into meaning, understanding and definition of tourism. Tourism is referred to as travel yet it is much more than that. Know the differences between tourism and just a travel.

When you keep moving then you keep your body and mind healthy and in shape. And with travel you can do that. Creative people take inspiration for new things by going to new and different places. It maintains their creativity and for others, travel can boost creativity and thinking. Read about innovative reasons and types of travel.

We all know that travel and tourism is about travelling and visiting places as tourists and travelers for leisure, recreation and business purposes. What the first interesting fact about it is that it has no proper definition as an industry. Rather tourism is the total of what a tourist or a traveler spends while consuming various services and products through the period of his or her travel and stay.

First of all, what is MICE sector or industry? It is a part of the travel and tourism industry, also called MICE tourism, and comprises of travel and tourism for the purpose of business. Now, this is a sub-segment of travel and tourism industry and comes under the business travel category.

Every day, all across the world, hundreds or may be thousands of industry exhibitions and fairs take place. Each of these events attracts visitors in varying numbers, for example, from few hundreds to few thousands. These visitors can be clubbed very simply into a group or groups like managers, presidents CEOs/CTOs or middle level and senior level executive from a particular industry.


Industry and business events are markets and marketing platforms. We have listed industry events and business meetings by countries and by industries. You can find past, present and future events here. From as far back as year 2013 to future events for years as ahead as year 2019. Look for expo, fairs and exhibitions for any particular industry across 50 plus industries covered. Also find all events: past, present and future; across many countries.

Current year events, as well as future & past Events from as far back as year 2013 to as far in future as year 2019.

Exhibitions and conferences across more than 50 industries from agriculture to defence & aviation and IT.

Trade Fair, expos & other events in countries across Asia, America, Europe, Africa and Middle East.


We bring you a strong database of International associations through Market Width. Associations play important role for every industry. These are also an important part of most of the events as buyer, organizer and participants in events. These also can play a part in marketing and reaching out to the companies governed or covered by these.

More than 2,700 International Associations segrated into Country-wise, Global associations, and as per International regions.

More than 2,500 Indian Associations segregated into National level and Regions & State level and city-wise associations.

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